Welcome to Malmö Klätterklubb!

We are a small climbing facility driven by members and currently don’t have the capacity to translate our entire website into English. However, here we have tried to collect all information that might be relevant for potential and current members who don’t speak Swedish.

Tip! If you’re using the Google Chrome browser, check out this article on how to translate entire webpages automatically.

Opening hours

The club is open most weekday evenings and daytime during the weekend, provided there is a väggis on site. This week’s opening hours are:

måndag – tisdag: 18:00 – 21:30
onsdag: Stängt (Endast öppet för medlem med tagg)
torsdag: Stängt (Endast öppet för medlem med tagg)
fredag: Stängt
lördag – söndag: Stängt (Endast öppet för medlem med tagg)

Upcoming courses

If you’re looking for a green or red card, check below for courses available in English. ”Topprepskurs” = course for green card
”Ledkurs” = course for red card
”Uppklättring” = Examination for green or red card


What is a ”väggis”?

A väggis (”wally” in Swedish) is the official term for the person responsible for keeping the wall open on any given day. […]